Thank You for a Great 2022

Thank You for a Great 2022

In typical fashion, the holiday season has come and gone, and while we had some wonderful time off to enjoy our friends and family’s company over the season, we cannot wait to jump into 2023 here at Todd Brothers. Finally, we have had some time to collect our thoughts and reflect on how amazing our 2022 season was! We have had some amazing highlights in 2022, including but not limited to the following:

  • Roughly 2.5 million meters of earth moved on site, and an additional 350,000 meters exported
  • We are very proud that our team had zero days lost to incidents or accidents at work
  • Our Snow team was awarded five extra trucks for our Kawartha Lakes Road Contract
  • Our total work volume increased by 10-15% over last year, which had also increased 10-15% from the year prior
  • We organized our recruiting efforts to have our first Hiring Event in early 2023 to support our growth
  • We had a great crew working of ladies + gentlemen with all-hands-on-deck for earth moving season, welcoming many talented new faces along the way, including three new office staff members and welcoming back Erin from her maternity leave
  • Our TB family grew by five new future operators from Tristan, Casey, Bobby, Richard & Tyler, and an honourable mention going to two new furry family members Tucker McKay and Rhonda Jessup
  • The Todds celebrated the weddings of not one but two of their children, our Vise-President Brayden and their daughter Christie in the summer of 2022

Overall, our 2022 season has been a fantastic reflection of our consistent growth over the past 40 years and heading into the next 40. We are gearing up to make 2023 a year for expansion and growth by setting our sights on adding earthworks and sewer crew to our roster. If you are ready to join in on the action, visit our careers page for more information on our positions and how to apply.

Thank you for a fantastic 2022; we can’t wait to beat it in 2023!

Storm Damage Repair

Todd Brothers Storm Repair Crew

On Saturday May 21st a severe weather alert was released for southern Ontario, including Whitchurch Stouffville, the home of Todd Brothers Contracting. Many homes and businesses were damaged in the storm as extremely heavy winds and rain swept through the area throughout the night. There were countless downed trees blocking roads, driveways, and causing concern for the community’s overall safety. The Todd Brothers team jumped into action by removing trees however way possible.   Ross and family jumped in heavy haulers and equipment to clear road ways the next day. In the following weeks Team TB worked daily to clear trees and haul them away especially the hard-hit lake areas where large trees had come down in a very populated residential area.

The project was a huge undertaking, with countless truck-loads of brush, a handful of very hard-working team members, faced with weeks of work in very hot and humid weather . Tree removal is not our typical day-to-day work here at Todd Brothers, but when the community needed us, we rose to the occasion and gave 100%. During this process we received the following feedback from the residents in a neighborhood that was especially hard hit:


“I would like to give a big shout out to the folks at Todd Brothers for their timely, thorough and tireless efforts in cleaning up our neighborhoods in Island Lake Estates.  We have many seniors living on the street who would have been lost without you (and the Town) stepping up to help us.

I’m not sure what Todd Brothers are charging and frankly, I don’t care – it was worth every penny.  To Ross Todd, you have some great employees working for you – please pass along our appreciation for their hard work.


President – Island Lake Resident’s Association”


Often the community does not get to see the work that we do here at Todd Brothers, so receiving such a positive reception from community members was extremely meaningful and refreshing.

Our 300th Piece of Equipment

equipment at Todd Brothers Contracting

Over 40 years later and we have recently brought TB300 to our fleet. This 300th piece of equipment went to one of our amazing Foremen Richard, and seems fitting seeing as one of Ross’ first purchases was a 1980 Jeep Pickup he used as a work truck when he began Todd Brothers Contracting in 1980. Ross is steadfast in his method of building a successful business: don’t accrue debt, and work with great people (crediting his wonderful wife Cindy and talented employees both past and present). These pieces of equipment are always formally welcomed into the TB family, as Ross makes it a point to drop by the Todd family home with any new equipment to take a signature photo in front of wherever he was living at the time. Some may find this odd (particularly his neighbours) but after many years of this ritual, this is surely nothing new to them.

All in all, Ross has built this business and accumulated all 300 pieces of equipment over years of trial and error (ask Cindy about the 3-in-1 Septic truck). But has now finetuned Todd Brother’s offerings, specializing in the world of Heavy Equipment: focusing on Earthworks, Sewer & Watermain, Demolition, and Bridge/Road Construction. With a solid foundation to build on, plus the Todd family at the helm, growth and expansion are inevitable. Growing “Team TB” from the ground up as a member of one to employing over 70 people, it’s only been 40+ years in the sandbox now, we can’t wait to see what another 40+ years will bring Todd Brothers!

Check out our photo gallery for more photos to swipe through TB01 and TB02 and a few in between to TB300, it’s not only 40 years of memories but also 40 years of growth #teamTB

Recycling Rocks

Earthworks recycled material

Sometimes we are able to provide services which include re-using unwanted materials from one project and placing them in new location which can help improve the site.

Christmas cheer … Todd style!

Rock Truck Hot Tub

It was a majestic day in Stouffville Ontario when a couple of young innovators had a idea. To turn a rock truck into a hot tub. A mobile hot tub in the back of a rock truck for the Santa Claus Parade.

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Mobile Hot Tub

Mobile Hot Tub

This year’s Stouffville Santa Clause Parade saw the entry of Todd Brothers Contracting in the form of a traveling hot tub. The parade entry was created from one large truck, lots of water and some pool parts and a generator.

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