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Earthworks recycled material

Recycling Rocks

Sometimes we are able to provide services which include re-using unwanted materials from one project and placing them in new location which can help improve the site.
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Putting down curbs

Curb Pouring

Spring time activities are in full swing.  One of the projects this week is putting down curbs in a newly completed residential neighbourhood build by Logan Homes.
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Rock Truck Hot Tub

Christmas cheer … Todd style!

It was a majestic day in Stouffville Ontario when a couple of young innovators had a idea. To turn a rock truck into a hot tub. A mobile hot tub in the back of a rock truck for the Santa Claus Parade.
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Udora and Umphrey Bridge Replacements 2014

Udora and Umphrey Bridge Replacements

Udora and Umphrey Bridge Replacements 2014 One bridge demolition down … one to go!
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