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SeC Trunk Sewer Project

Todd Brothers was retained to provide muck loading and hauling services for construction of a 15km long sewer tunnel.  Once started, Strabag soon realized the vast services we provide putting us to work in all aspects of their operations. This project tapped all areas of Todd Brothers’ resources, demanding unique equipment and experienced personnel. A special 65 foot, long reach excavator was purchased to handle deep excavation work and locks were installed on all truck bodies enabling haulage of the tunnel muck material, that is extremely wet, in a safe manor. This project is highly scrutinized and requires flawless professional service.

The generated earth is being placed at a site being managed by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority. Todd Brothers is responsible for all activity in the fill site. Strict environmental and procedural protocol must be adhered to at all times. Project requirements demand the site to remain open up to 7 days a week regardless of the weather, making for challenging work conditions.  Solid haul road construction and shale dumping platforms built over top of the almost liquid tunnel muck, ensure that our performance is not altered by weather conditions.

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York Region

Approximate Value

$5,500,000 (to date)


Strabag Inc.


York Region


January 14, 2014


Sewer and Watermain



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